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Facebook, I’m Coming Back

FuckbookUpdate 6/27: I just received an email welcoming me back to Facebook. I have not done anything to initiate this, time to change the password and sanitize the account. Wow. And here is my Facebook account. Please comment if any of my privacy is showing.

It’s been a month and a half since I killed my Facebook account. Can’t really say I’ve missed it, but at the same time I feel like I’m missing out on the party. There are new things on the site, Q&A, videos, new iPhone app, location is coming, blah, blah that I want to check out but can’t.

My entire line of reasoning for leaving can be condensed into one statement (paraphrased from a conversation about Facebook owning FriendFeed):

With FriendFeed, you have to work to add information to your activity stream; with Facebook it’s the opposite, you have to work to remove information from your activity stream.

With that, I’ll be back on Facebook shortly with the following conditions:

  • My account will act more as a pointer to my main identity –
  • Personal information will kept at a minimum
  • Access denied to any and all apps
  • Never use Facebook Connect
  • Opt out of instant personalization
  • Never use the status update

Eek, A Rat

Update: I’m back. Thinking this over, I want a clearer delineation between my tech life and my personal life. This blog is all about tech so will remain that way, while Tumblr will be for my personal stuff.

I’m going to take a break from this blog for a while (and twitter to a lesser extent) and move over to Tumblr, which seems like a more ideal fit for me. John Mayer, who I’m not particularly a fan of, saw the light the day after I did and wrote an interesting piece on it. I reblogged it, (that word needs to change), so you can read it in all its glory over there.

I have my opinions on the topic as well and as an extra bonus, you can see a pic of what I really look like (hah).

I’ll continue this site with tutorials and Mozilla builds, but my rants will be over on Tumblr.

So Follow Me On Tumblr!

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UNAIDS Commission Social Networking Site:

aidsspaceSeeing that it’s Worlds AIDS day, I wanted to mention the new social networking site from the UNAIDS This is a new initiative to increase the level of communication between the siloed agencies and programs around the world working to battle this pandemic.

I also want to mention that I was part of the team working on this site. It was a huge effort requiring 100+ hour work weeks, but in the end it was well worth it. I’m able to look at the site and be proud, and hope that it makes at least a small difference in the world.

The site was “soft” launched last month in Geneva and is now being ramped up for a larger, formal launch. If you are in this field of work, sign up on the site and get in touch with others.

Watching My Startup Grow Up

propertymapsI’ve been keeping a secret. My friends, family, and stakeholders know, but I’ve been mum on the subject until now. The time is right, and the new team is firing on all cylinders, so I get to spill the beans.

PropertyMaps, a startup I co-founded four years ago and put more blood and sweat into than anything else, has been acquired. I spent a week in Austin, doing a full knowledge dump on the very capable team. I was immediately impressed by their level of understanding and how fast they picked up the code base (I won’t get too technical in this post).

The new CEO, Jeff Chambers, is the former US product director for He is a brilliant leader and has more and better ideas for the direction of PropertyMaps than I ever dreamed up. He has a very solid plan in place for the rest of this year and the year ahead. I can’t imagine a better person to run PM than Jeff.

As for me, I’ve taken a consulting role with the company so I can help move those plans forward (and I get to watch my baby grow up).

You can read more about the acquistion in the press release: PropertyMaps Has Been Acquired