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The “Google Phone” Will Be Free

androidI wonder why these words haven’t come back to haunt Google. There is much speculation on the “Google Phone” pricing, but nobody has brought up this three year old quote:

Schmidt said on Saturday that as mobile phones become more like handheld computers and consumers spend as much as eight to 10 hours a day talking, texting and using the Web on these devices, advertising becomes a viable form of subsidy.

“Your mobile phone should be free,” Schmidt told Reuters. “It just makes sense that subsidies should increase” as advertising rises on mobile phones.

[via Reuters 11/11/2006]

Answer Me This, Verizon Lovers

lteWith all this babbling about Verizon rushing out LTE for some non-dongle device and talks of the AT&T/Apple love affair breaking down, a simple question keeps popping to mind:

What happens when you don’t get LTE coverage? Aren’t you just going to get thrown down to the old CDMA? And the iPhone/iTablet is going to magically work with CDMA? Will the next gen iPhone have BOTH GSM & CDMA? Why is this never considered in any of the articles I read?

Mobile Safari Benchmarks

Update: Ran the benchmark on an iPhone 3GS 32Gb and saw yet another three-fold increase in speed.

Schiller was tossin’ around some pretty impressive benchmarks on the new version of Mobile Safari in iPhone OS 3. I’ve been using the OS 3 betas from the second they were available and definitely noticed speed improvements right off the bat.

These SunSpider tests were done on the same 2nd-gen 16Gb 2G iPhone on the same network. I’ve been saving these numbers for a bit, dang NDA, but now here they are:


Mobile Safari SunSpider Benchmarks