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AOTD: LinkedIn and dust.js

The link:

Leaving JSPs in the dust: moving LinkedIn to dust.js client-side templates

The story:

Javascript templating using dust.js. The server only serves up JSON and the CDN-loaded template engine (dust.js) pulls apart the data to fill in data for the browser to render. Moving more towards thick clients. I like it.

Article of the Day

I’ll start posting links to the single most interesting thing I read per day. So expect this to peter out in a couple weeks as all my other blogging efforts have…

So for today, check this out:

A Missive on Native Client

And here is the money paragraph:

At that stage, what they have is a fixed platform that they own (NaCl), which is sufficiently powerful enough for regular developers to target and migrate any old code to (e.g. just rebuild your desktop Qt app), and access to the local machine is suddenly gated through them entirely (e.g. they become the new Microsoft, except multi-platform). In such a strong position, the usefulness and overall purpose of the otherwise seemingly lingering Chrome OS[7] should now be clear.

Wow. Suddenly a lot of things start to make sense. I doubt Google could pull a fast one like this over the entire developer community, but look how far they’ve already come. Wow.