Covid-19 Data

People are collecting and aggregating data in many different ways. These are the sites that I find most interesting:

Blood levels of apelin, which is an important regulator in bringing both blood pressure and inflammation down, dropped close to zero in the authors’ ARDS model and increased 20 times with CBD and hemp flowers. When blood pressure gets high, for example, apelin levels should go up to help reduce the pressure. Apelin should do the same to help normalise inflammation in the lungs and related breathing difficulties associated with ARDS.

The researchers will be exploring how eliminating apelin affects ARDS and if CBD produces the same lung benefit without apelin. The authors note that it is likely the virus suppresses something that suppresses apelin and CBD interferes with this process, however, they also they doubt the apelin-CBD interaction is the only way the compound works in this and other scenarios.

Now, the scientists have correlated those improvements with regulation of apelin. While they do not attribute all of CBD’s benefits to the peptide, they say it clearly has an important role. They also say they do not yet know whether SARS-CoV-2 or CBD have a direct effect on apelin, or if these are downstream consequences, but they are already pursuing answers.

COVID-19 Projections
Projection of cases vs. required resources.

Like COVID-19 Projections, but with best/worst case scenarios.

Covid by County
Compare growth rates across US counties.

Visualization of exponential spread.

The COVID Tracking Project
Test results for each state.

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