Trends of 2020

Keeping up with my trends thing from two years ago, I’m going to write about technology changes that I find interesting.

This is more hindsight than prediction, but I’m finding this WFH thing interesting. I was always the person in the office every day no matter what because I simply cannot get things done at home. Too many distractions.

But as the world is forced into this reality, I can definitely see this as a learning exercise. With the proper foundation around work hours, privacy, headphones, and a large monitor; I can see this working out. And I suspect many others will come to the same conclusion.

The missing piece for me so far is the lack of serendipity. I’m not going to Slack some random person in the company about the great breakfast I had and fall into a super-important conversation. I’m not going to take walks with co-workers for no reason and get that extra break to inspire me. I’m not going to sit outside and think of nothing when I get stuck. I’m not going to have instant conversations with those around me to rubber duck me through a problem.

But at least now, I can understand how people get stuff done at home and others like me will feel the same. We should start to see more companies that are all remote (even when they don’t have to be). This is the kick in the ass to remind information workers that physicality does not matter (unless it does).

I’m going to buy a duck.

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