Towards the End of Thought

Apple no longer allows RSS into their News app. The final nail in the RSS coffin was the discontinuation of Google Reader, this is basically pissing on that grave. These days, people no longer care. They think getting their news from Twitter or Facebook is the way to do it.

Algorithmic curation is the fastest way to lock yourself into a filter bubble, what Wikipedia calls intellectual isolation. Self-curation of news does not exempt you from such isolation, but it does allow you to view your news feed from outside that bubble. Whether you continue to live within it then becomes a conscious decision.

When Google Reader crashed and burned, I jumped to Feedly. And I pay them $50/year because they have a great monetization strategy that doesn’t involve turning me into their product.

Sad to see “thought leaders” turning their backs on free will.

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  1. I read this post via RSS on I agree the RSS is one of the few reliable way to escape the algorithmic internet.

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