gRPC Clients

Not speaking for my employer, but about my employer:

Our entire QA team has scoured the internet looking for a gRPC equivalent of Postman. So many contenders… so many failures. Not a single client we’ve found has been able to do a fraction of what we want. The closest we got was a cli tool that failed on recursive definitions. Fail, fail, fail.

To fill this void, we had to create our own client. The main one is Java based and is used heavily by QA to test all our definitions and endpoints. The other is a kafkacat type utility that reads protobufs out of Kafka. This one if Python based. Sometimes the two conflict (e.g. Timestamp), which causes us to rip our hair out. Best to stick within one language for testing.

Someday, when I have an exorbitant amount of free time, I hope to slap a UI on this thing and release to the public.

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