The Death of Edge

Update: Brave has also fallen.

Microsoft released Edge on July of 2015, dethroning IE’s decades long reign on error. Initially, Edge was going to support the legacy IE renderer, but this idea became the laughing stock of Redmond (or so I assume) and they abandoned it. Web developers the world over cheered, until they realized how much money that single app doled out.

I’ve never had the pleasure of making anything “Edge-compatible”, I haven’t heard much negativity so it comes as a tiny bit of surprise this engine is now getting dropped as well. Again, devs cheered (I literally heard this in the office), but the reality is the we are now left with three mainstream engines – Chromium, Webkit, and Gecko.

Quick economics on this:

  • fewer engines = less competition
  • less competition = winner takes most
  • winner takes most = less standardization
  • less standardization = winner takes all
  • winner takes all = we all lose

I certainly don’t think we want to live in a one-world engine. Before you cheer for Chromium, think about what the consequences could be… and give Safari or Firefox a chance. My primary browser right now is the Safari Technical Preview, I highly recommend it.

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