Thank You Consumerist

I’ve been a long time reader of The Consumerist (long before its acquisition by Consumer Reports) as I find bit of schadenfreudian satisfaction from reading consumer stories.

I found myself in the victim role with AT&T over a billing issue that resulted in a personal loss of over $9,000.00. I spent weeks getting a case opened with AT&T and then waited many weeks just to be told no, they could only refund me $200.00 or so.

I was looking into the TOS paperwork and what would be necessary if I had to contact a lawyer. Since I had kept meticulous records, I put everything into a timeline and prepared to post it here. Before doing that I sent it to The Consumerist because I’ve read many a story on AT&T victims over there (they even have secret phone numbers for AT&T executive customer support). Within hours, they got back to me and said they would speak with their AT&T contacts. Within a day, the office of the president had reached out and apologized for how poorly I’d been treated the past few months. The short of it is they re-opened the investigation and found no fault on my part and agreed to provide a full refund.

Last week I received the full amount owed (after they inexplicably sent my first check to the wrong address).

Again, thank you and yes, corporate behemoths do have a soul, you just need the right contacts.

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