Swagger for Spring


More specifically, Spring Boot. Swagger is meant to describe your APIs in a quasi-HATEOAS way, but you must provide Swagger definitions and run code generators to output your documentation. What if all the definitions were in Java annotations and code generation never has to happen? And the Slate UI picks up all your changes in real time and generates sample code in multiple languages and provides a real-time console to experiment with each endpoint?

This is what I did with these projects.

I’m using the Swagger-springmvc (now springfox) project as a basis for better documentation generation through annotations. All the work I did on this has been committed to my fork at and my Swagger Core fork at

I’ve also ported Slate UI to auto-ingest Swagger-based JSON endpoints as described above, but this is not yet in github. Will set up a new repo as the fork is drastically different (php vs. ruby, etc).

PHP Slate is now on GitHub.

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