Mozilla Coming Around on H.264

WHATWGSince I wrote about the H.264 vs. WebM a year and a half ago, basically nothing has happened. WebM has been cordoned off to test implementations of Aurora/Chromium and never slipped out to the public eye. No precedents have been set, no patent infringement cases, no royalties paid. Beyond the web, H.264 is exploding and WebM is growing flaccid. Where is WebP?

In my previous post, I declared Mozilla was in a tough spot due to patent infringement and lack of indemnification no matter which way they turn. That still seems to be the case, but as Ars puts it, pragmatism is beating out idealism and Mozilla is dipping a toe into the H.264 water (with B2G as a testbed, sigh). But still, this is a good thing and we’ll all be better of for it.

Better hurry and decided on something. That 2022 deadline is approaching fast. Or is it 2014?

The WHATWG just needs to take over.

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