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AOTD: Predictions for 2012

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Predictions for 2012

The meat:

I have none to offer.

People who really know what is going on are not going to prognosticate in public. Secrets will be held, profits will be made.

AOTD: The Internet of Things

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Amazing Kickstarter Project Twine: Cheap and Easy Internet of Things

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The sensors, so far, include an temperature sensor and an accelerometer – with external sensors planned, including magnetic and moisture sensors.

I had imagined nano-particle magic dust… but we’ll have to wait until IPv6 for that. This is a great concept, but the devices are a bit bigger than I’d like. The day is coming and this is a great start.

AOTD: PHP Framework Bloat

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The MicroPHP Manifesto

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Finding lightweight libraries that don’t pull in lots of additional code dependencies is much harder than it should be. Mostly I think that’s attributable to PHP devs being more interested in framework-specific development.

I’m seeing more and more of this “framework-specific development” out there. There are job listings for Symfony coders, Cake coders, Drupal coders (hah), but in the end, isn’t it all PHP with the occasional template engine thrown in? Don’t get me started on template engines for PHP, I think Smarty and the others have left the building with js engines kicking ass and taking names.. More on that later.