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Powering a 30″ Cinema Display with a Mini DisplayPort

First off, you need the mini DP to dual link DVI adapter, not the regular mini DP to DVI, to get a decent resolution on the Cinema Display. Second, you need the Macbook Pro EFI Firmware Update 2.2. Third, you guessed it, you need a MBP with a mini DP.

So all this sounds like a no-brainer, but here’s my story:

  1. I bought the latest MBP and a mini DP to DVI adapter and the resolution sucked.
  2. Found out I had to get the dual-link DVI adapter (I can still use the single-link with my 24″ monitor). I was very worried by all the trash being talked on the Apple store about this adapter being flaky and dying suddenly but I ended up getting it anyway. I need my 30″!
  3. Everything worked perfectly. Woot!
  4. Upgraded to Lion. Boom. Cinema Display Dead.
  5. Brought MBP and dual-link adapter to an Apple Store. The genius plugged it into their monitor in the back room and it worked “proved with a photo” so I was told to bring in my Cinema Display because it was likely a power issue. My old MBP (late 2008) could still power it so I had my doubts. Anyway, suckage… the CD was dead to me.
  6. Lots of bitching and moaning in public forums to no avail and jumping out the window seemed mighty tempting.
  7. MBP EFI Firmware update comes along and “includes fixes that resolve issues with Apple Thunderbolt Display compatibility”. Sounds close enough. Install. Bam. Cinema Display Alive.

Long story short, I spent way too much time on an issue that nobody would acknowledge or help with or even let me cry on their shoulder about. I was in deep trauma for months. And now it is over! If this post helps someone, I’ll have done my job here.

Dell Fail

Dell Fail

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I finally got my Dell XPS 15z on the date expected (no surprise early delivery), but the bottom of the machine is so warped I’m going to have to return it. I really need this machine to get stuff done, but there is no way around the shoddy build quality so might as well bite the bullet now. This really ticks me off and also the almost daily calls I got from “Gary”, “Sarah” and “Frank” with heavy foreign accents really rubbed me the wrong way. All these calls were to tell me my laptop left the factory, shipped, will arrive soon, will arrive on time, has arrived, did it arrive? etc. Calling both my home and work numbers early in the morning, including waking me up on a holiday.

So that, so far has been my experience ordering my first PC.

Screw You, Flash

I hate you, flash!I hate flash. If the entire web abandoned it, I wouldn’t notice. I have ClickToFlash running on all my WebKit apps (yes, CTF does not work on Safari 5.1.1), Flashblock on Mozilla (yes, it isn’t available for Firefox 8.0a2) and Flash disabled completely on Chromium apps. It still creeps through somehow.

Today I left about 10 tabs open in Aurora, completely forgot about them and continued working in another application. Suddenly the performance of my entire machine died. Slow as hell. Whip up Activity Monitor, force quit the extension wrapper for Mozilla, check out Aurora and I see the picture to your right in those 10 tabs. What is the Flash for? An ad. *SIGH*

Recently I uploaded some hands-on with the Galaxy Tab playing flash games. It was decent, but still got a bit slide-showy on me at times. The entire Samsung display focused on the ability to use Flash and that this was the “real” Internet. But, as usual, it sucked.

Flash sucks on tablets, sucks on laptops, sucks on desktops… It just isn’t worth it. I should just abandon it altogether and ditch the plugin.

My First Windows Machine

Dell XPS 15zWow. This will be the first Windows machine I’ve ever owned. After working in the IT industry for 15 years, it’s kind of amazing I’ve been able to dodge the Windows bullet for as long as I have. Well, I ordered the Dell XPS 15z and after reading about it a bit, I have to say I’m rather excited (it won’t arrive for another 6 days). Don’t worry, I’m Apple for life.

Check out a review and the specs.