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We’ll Be Back Soon

I’m not even going to say where I saw this… but if Amazon did this every time they updated their offerings, they’d be out of business by now. I really wonder what the site build/deploy situation is like at Apple. I used to know the guy that pushed the magic button for the Japanese web site, but he would never spill the beans… now he’s at Google. Oh well.

BBM Music Rocks

I don’t have a BlackBerry, though I did a couple years ago (and having just come back from Japan, I literally thought the device was a sick joke). Anyway, the BBM Music service that’s rolling out and everyone is making fun of is quite interesting. Sure, you only get 50 songs a month; sure, you can only swap out 25 of those songs each month; sure, it’s spendy at $5 (er. $4.99)… but you get to listen to the music of all your friends on the service. I thought only Facebook could come up with this kind of forced virality. They have it all wrong though – all carrot and no stick.

Steve Jobs Resigns

Creating and destroying industries.

It’s everywhere, so you don’t need to read my thoughts on it… but I did feel like writing something, anything, as I feel a little bit of my soul has died. I know that sounds corny, but I’ve had a personal dream of working for the one man who is living firmly in the future. I didn’t pursue this as much as I could and now that chance seems to be gone. I’ve pieced together a lot of information and believe I know what this means for the man and his company. I won’t go into that here, figure it out yourself.

BTW, Steve Jobs Is Not Dead.