Tumblr Integration

TumblrI’m looking for a plugin that will

  1. Pull the Tumblr feed format.
  2. Parse into WP importable xml.
  3. Create new WP posts for new Tumblr items.

What I’ve found so far are Tumblr exporters/WP importers, javascript to embed tumblr, Ping.fm, other miscellaneous useless plugins. I’m not moving platforms so I want something that will pull out the new Tumblr items and post them here.

Do I need to code this or has it already been solved? (I admit my search for a solution was pretty feeble).

Advice appreciated!

7 thoughts on “Tumblr Integration”

    1. No, but I have done some XML->RSS->Tumblr work and found out how brittle Tumblr is.. I'll work on this when I get time and post about it.

      1. I've got a standard RSS that i am trying to pull into Tumblr but it just doesn't want to post anything that is contained with in the RSS. I think I have discovered what you mean by "brittle". Is any of this documented anywhere?

        1. Yes. In the end I had to contact Tumblr and have them take a look. They told me my feed was fine and they had to reimport it from their side to get it to work. No documentation.

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