Twitter: Fix These Three Things!

I could make this a list of a hundred things, but these three are really getting to me:

1) Get Straight Your Bulk Rules
Sites like Twitter Karma do not allow you to bulk unfollow because it’s against your terms of service, but they are allowed to bulk block! What do you think people are going to do? A) Click on each person, use the pulldown menu, unfollow or B) Bulk block. This does not make sense.

2) State Your Following Rules
The explanation you give for why you “are not allowed to follow more people at this time” is absurd. There is a link to Follow Limits And Best Practices Page, but it’s busted. And anyway, the rules have changed again over the past week and I’m yet to pin it down. The 24hr/1,000/1.1 ratio follow limit is no longer valid. Why do we have to guess at these things?

3) Delete Accounts
If an account is deleted, umm, I probably don’t want to follow it. I also don’t want to see it following other people (check list followers for an example).

Which brings me to another point….

Most people don’t know how to use lists. I get put on these follow-back lists, people follow the list, then message me about why I didn’t follow them back. You’re doing it wrong!

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