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terminalI love Terminal.app. Especially with tabs. I spend most my day in it. I don’t want to make you read my ramblings, but the thing that almost drives me to jump out the window is consistently losing connections due to timeouts. I’m usually on three or four servers at a time and when I’m at home, every few minutes, timeout. BLAST! This doesn’t happen at all locations, usually on residential connections. I’ve dealt with it for years. Why?

Smack my head. I should have jumped out that window. This is so easy to fix:

  1. Open up your sshd config, usually in /etc/ssh/sshd_config
  2. Uncomment “ClientAliveInterval” and add the number of seconds after. I went with 600.

Problem solved. Kind of makes me question how much misery I just accept because “That’s just the way it is”.

4 thoughts on “Headsmacking Tip O’ The Day”

  1. OMG can it really be that simple? after years of the un-fixed unrelenting internet/network disconnect/dropoff/dropout bug being an issue (unfixed unsolved but well-known by Apple) in every version of os x (less bad in 10.3 maybe? ) — can it really be that simple?

    why in the flipping flippety-flip hasn’t apple fixed this for the past 7+ years?

    if this really works: THANK YOU!!!! you should get some sort of award or recognition at the very least.

    if not …. back to the drawing board 🙁 but we hope you’ll keep tweaking away to find the solution since apple has been indifferent to it at best for the past 7+years.

  2. You can also configure your SSH client via the ServerAliveInterval directive in the ~/.ssh/config file. Nice because it doesn't require root access to the server or any server-side configuration.

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