Watching My Startup Grow Up

propertymapsI’ve been keeping a secret. My friends, family, and stakeholders know, but I’ve been mum on the subject until now. The time is right, and the new team is firing on all cylinders, so I get to spill the beans.

PropertyMaps, a startup I co-founded four years ago and put more blood and sweat into than anything else, has been acquired. I spent a week in Austin, doing a full knowledge dump on the very capable team. I was immediately impressed by their level of understanding and how fast they picked up the code base (I won’t get too technical in this post).

The new CEO, Jeff Chambers, is the former US product director for He is a brilliant leader and has more and better ideas for the direction of PropertyMaps than I ever dreamed up. He has a very solid plan in place for the rest of this year and the year ahead. I can’t imagine a better person to run PM than Jeff.

As for me, I’ve taken a consulting role with the company so I can help move those plans forward (and I get to watch my baby grow up).

You can read more about the acquistion in the press release: PropertyMaps Has Been Acquired

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