The Great Google Wave Invite Giveaway

Update: 12/07 – I’m out of invites. Sorry, if you didn’t get one. Somehow I stumbled into almost 40 invites. I’m going to give away 30 (have about 20 left). For those that don’t know what this is, check out the Google Wave site for thrilling and exciting content. You can also watch the Developer …

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Headsmacking Tip O’ The Day

I love Especially with tabs. I spend most my day in it. I don’t want to make you read my ramblings, but the thing that almost drives me to jump out the window is consistently losing connections due to timeouts. I’m usually on three or four servers at a time and when I’m at …

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Watching My Startup Grow Up

I’ve been keeping a secret. My friends, family, and stakeholders know, but I’ve been mum on the subject until now. The time is right, and the new team is firing on all cylinders, so I get to spill the beans. PropertyMaps, a startup I co-founded four years ago and put more blood and sweat into …

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