64-Bit Firefox Builds Are Here

64bitUpdate: Patch 513747 has been applied.

The real hero of this story is Josh Aas. He got the 64-bit goodness into the codebase a couple weeks ago and committed it about a week later. I haven’t done any benchmarks on this so please check out Josh’s site – Boom Swagger Boom – and more specificly the benchmarks he’s put together. This isn’t a huge jump in performance, but I wasn’t really expecting one anyway. Since this version is using Gecko 1.9.3, there should already be a performance gain and the 64-bit goodness just adds to that.

The other interesting thing I’ve stumbled into is how to incorporate GCD into Firefox. I’m ready to start on that project, but have been bogged down with real world things like work. I’ll try to slip it in over this weekend or next, but no promises. There is an easy route and a hard route for GCD, I’m going to stick to the easy for now. As for OpenCL, that will be hard, very hard. I’ll look into that once my GCD builds are complete.

To download 64-bit Minfield, go to the Downloads page.

16 thoughts on “64-Bit Firefox Builds Are Here”

  1. Wow, this is very good news!!
    I have two questions:
    1. Why are plugins disabled in this build? Is there a way to install flash/java?
    2. Would you mind sharing your .mozconf? 🙂

    Thank you for your work, I'm a grateful user of your builds!

    1. Plugins need to be 64-bit to work (there is no plugin wrapper like Safari). Flash will not work until Adobe releases the 64-bit 10.1 version. Add-ons should work. I'm using Firebug 1.5X with no problems.

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