Answer Me This, Verizon Lovers

lteWith all this babbling about Verizon rushing out LTE for some non-dongle device and talks of the AT&T/Apple love affair breaking down, a simple question keeps popping to mind:

What happens when you don’t get LTE coverage? Aren’t you just going to get thrown down to the old CDMA? And the iPhone/iTablet is going to magically work with CDMA? Will the next gen iPhone have BOTH GSM & CDMA? Why is this never considered in any of the articles I read?

3 thoughts on “Answer Me This, Verizon Lovers”

  1. @clatko iPhone on Verizon you ask? EV-DO, no? 3G over CDMA and TDMA combined (3GPP2). 3Mb/s. And that's only when 4G is out.

  2. This is the exact reason why I don't think it's so craaaazy for Apple to make a CDMA iPhone. CDMA still has years of life left in it. I'm on US Cellular in a decently sized city in Tennessee, and I JUST got 3G coverage a couple of months ago.
    I know US Cellular isn't Verizon, but the point is that its going to take several years for the nation to be blanketed with LTE coverage. That's plenty of time to make a CDMA iPhone worth the investment.

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