Answer Me This, Verizon Lovers

With all this babbling about Verizon rushing out LTE for some non-dongle device and talks of the AT&T/Apple love affair breaking down, a simple question keeps popping to mind: What happens when you don’t get LTE coverage? Aren’t you just going to get thrown down to the old CDMA? And the iPhone/iTablet is going to …

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The Pre-Breaking iTunes 8.2.1 Update

I originally published these thoughts in Seth Godin’s Triiibes community. I’m fleshing it out a tad for this post. It is a well-known fact that John Rubinstein headed up the development of the original iPod and later took charge of the spun-out iPod division. He later left Apple to retire on some beach in Mexico …

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The Chrome OS FUD

Update: Robert X. Cringely’s Op-Ed is out. Not at all what I expected, but that’s what I like about RXC. After watching a couple hours of Google IO ’09, I finally realized the deal with Chrome OS. Learn more about Native Client and it will all make sense – Google IS revving up for a …

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The Proper Way To Use UTF-8 (PHP/MySQL)

After living in Japan for six years and doing web programming for most of that time, you would think I would have this down by now. I used many combos – from Lasso/FileMaker to PHP/MSSQL and even PHP/PostgreSQL – but never used PHP/MySQL for any CJVK work. ┬áSo I did some Googling and found four …

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