(Namoroka) Is Coming



I’ve built a pre-Alpha 1 version of Firefox 3.6 also known as Namoroka (following the park theme). Namoroka is a national park in Madagascar.

As with previous Shiretoko builds I’ve done, I’m using the same .mozconfig file for optimization as well as fiddling with the application defaults for speed. I am no longer changing the User-Agent on these builds as some people are reporting problems when accessing sites such as Facebook that don’t recognize the UA. When are people going to stop browser sniffing?

In this version, the “parse HTML 5” was off by default. I’ve turned this on. One other thing is that the browser’s name is “Minefield” as this is a pre-Alpha and things are supposed to blow up (so be careful).

You can find the Namoroka build on my downloads page.

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