Twitter, We Have A Problem

spitterSpatter, Speet, Spitter, Spam!

Looks like the reCAPTCHA got jacked (or more likely the Mechanical Turk got involved) and the floodgates have opened for the spitters (or whatever you wanna call them). The account shown on the right gained several hundred followers in the time I watched it. Page after page after page of these useless, non-profile-imaged, non-bio’d, non-locationed, never-status-updated freaks.

Back to watching Scotty Got An Office Job or earning another banjo on Hunch. No wait, I’m extremely busy with a crazy deadline. Scratch that.

Off topic: I updated the Intel-Optimized Firefox build. It seems there is an official RC2 that slipped out after the announcement of the RC availability. I’ve built the RC2 version and you can download on the download page.

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