Browser Battle Round Three, Fight!



Update: It seems that I’ve over-optimized a bit on the latest build. I’ve toned it down and made it Tiger-compatible. The new build is on the downloads page.

With a few new browsers released this past week, I thought I’d redo the SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark on a couple (sorry Opera), and report the results. As usual, I disabled all add-ons, extensions, InputManagers, etc. The benchmarks were run on the same machine as the previous tests.

I also created another Intel Optimized Build of Firefox 3.5 RC preview (Shiretoko) using an updated .mozconfig file based on several reader contributions (including Mozilla employees). This new config is heavily optimized (that’s your warning). You can download both of those files on the downloads page.

Safari and Shiretoko did better than their previous incarnations, while Chrome OS X suffered in it’s jump from Chromium. The breakdown looks something like this:

  • Safari: 20.9% faster
  • Shiretoko: 13.6% faster
  • Chrome: 16.7% slower

And the neat graph looks like this:

SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark Results

SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark Results

Oh, and to find out what Gort is all about, go to about:robots in Firefox.

Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!

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