The #fixreplies Kerfuffle

Update: After almost a week of testing out this “| ” @ reply concept, I heard from a large group of my followers that this is NOT what they want. The consensus seems to be that individual users want to be able to make their own choice as to if they see these replies or …

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Miscellaneous Junk

A couple posts wrapped into one: Gmail IMAP Slow on With over 110,000 messages in my gmail account, started choking bad. The problem got out of hand two days ago so I did something about it. This isn’t for the weak of heart. First quit, then fire up terminal: # cd ~/Library/Mail/\[Gmail\]/ # …

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Squirt: Why Nielson’s Twitter Numbers Suck

The recent kurfuffle over Twitter’s retention rate according to Nielson is a tad ridiculous. Comparing the 30-40% retention rate to those of MySpace and Facebook at the same stage in life is like comparing Sonics to Marios. The major blogs nailed why this comparison doesn’t make sense – Twitter aggressively shutting down spam accounts – …

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Pulling Content Out Of OS X Cache.db Files

I’m not sure when, but most likely when Leopard was released, applications started storing their cache files as sqlite databases (usually named Cache.db). For example, Safari has its cache at: ~/Library/Caches/ Apps that haven’t caught up yet are still using the less-efficient .cache files. Though not as efficient, these files are easier to access, just …

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