Safari 4 Public Beta Annoyances

webkitFirst off, I’m going to start posting in a new format – a “squirt” (screw you zune). I have thoughts to convey that are too long for a tweet and too short for a full entry. I’ll put all these squirts into a single category.

Here are some things about Safari that are chapping my hide:

  • With the newest version of WebKit, it is actually slower in the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark. Before, I was running a custom build of Safari 4 with WebKit and was doing over 100 ms better.
  • It breaks if you are using the GrowlMail Bundle.
  • Nitro is the name of the new nebulous engine. How much of this is Squirrelfish and how much is optimization to WebKit?
  • 1Password doesn’t work. This is an InputManager so doesn’t really count as it’s an unsupported hack.
  • The blue loading bar is gone and the stop/reload within the URL bar is not intuitive. It’s also harder to see which pages are loading at a glance when clicking through tabs.
  • The bookmark button is cemented onto the URL bar. I don’t use bookmarks. Go away!
  • The trying-to-be-awesome-bar isn’t. It only matches the beginning of what you are typing. For example, in Firefox, I can type “alpha” and it will find the page I want. In Safari, I have to type “” before it finds it.
  • The search bar is jaring how it plops down like a ton of bricks. This animation is so not Apple.
  • I have a hunch Safari is renicing itself somehow. Opera is not nearly as responsive when Safari 4 is running. Is this just me?
  • Reboot to install a browser? Grrr.

Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of nice eye candy, especially when you load up the browser for the first time. I’ve seen a lot of the “150 New Features” before as I’ve been compiling this version for a while now. Of those 150 features, there are probably 20 that are new and most I don’t really care about.

Anyway, WebKit has been and will continue to be my default browser (as I write this in Shiretoko).

image: apple

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