Gmail Account Lockdown

Gmail Account Lockdown
Gmail Account Lockdown

While everyone is up in arms about the recent Gmail outage, I was up in arms about my Account Lockdown (pictured above). has been acting up on me again lately (I have a post about, so I decided I would clear out my junk in Gmail. I had about 150,000 messages in there and wanted to get rid of about 90% of it so I started mass deleting via IMAP.

Before long, I started noticing that nothing was actually happening. was moving the messages to Trash, but when I would pop back over to my “All Mail” folder, the same number of messages were there. WTF? So I decide to log in to the web interface to check things out (and to check out the new button styles) and lo and behold, my account was locked down.

The lockdown was over “suspicious” behavior and I guess in my case that behavior was “deleting large amounts of email”. But I was doing it via IMAP, not POP. So off to the troubleshooting page which was of no help whatsoever, just telling me the lockdown would be in effect for 24 hours. Great.

This, the recent outage, and disappearing email has me slightly worried.

2 thoughts on “Gmail Account Lockdown”

  1. They just locked me out without any reason, to. I followed their links to resolve it and they sent me a boilerplate email that said the same thing the login page has with links to “help” that will no doubt send me another boilerplate email.

    Never again.

  2. I have experienced the same the last few weeks. It is really strange and I don’t understand what causes this. The funny thing is that I can access my gmail via the gmail java app on my phone.

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