Apple Is Crashing Like Crazy

Mail.appUpdate: If the Envelope index trick doesn’t work for you, disable any bundles you have by moving them to the “Bundles (Disabled)” folder within ~/Library/Mail/. GrowlMail and Safari 4 Public Beta do not get along so you will have to disable this one.

I’m running two plugins (bundles) for – GrowlMail and WideMail – and have experience zero problems. Once in a while, I get in a frenzied state where it crashes if I breathe on it wrong. The console usually gives me nothing interesting, except maybe a message such as:

Mail[10935]: deleting invalid message from outbox

So I’m stuck with a flaky app. The usual cause of this is an inconsistent state in the mail index resulting from various things like trying to delete tens of thousand of server error messages from Gmail IMAP, or force quitting during a delete, or some other dumb act on my part.

To fix this, move “Envelope Index” from ~/Library/Mail/ and launch Mail. You’ll get an import dialog, hit “Continue” and wait. I have 322,984 messages to import so it will take a little more than a half an hour. Once done, you’ll usually see the corrupted message somewhere, usually in your spam or trash. Delete it (this step isn’t actually necessary for the fix).

Once you verify things are working, go ahead and delete the old “Envelope Index”, the import process created a new one for you.

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