My Reading Process

My General Interests
My General Interests

I’ve given up on traditional bookmarks. I haven’t bookmarked a site in years. Anything that I want to come back to again and again, I subscribe to in my RSS reader – NetNewsWire. It’s free, and it’s great. I use NewsGator to sync my accounts across my Macs and iPhone. I actually prefer the iPhone version of NNW over the Desktop version.

Here is a rundown of how I manage my reading list:

  1. I currently have around 100 RSS subscriptions right now. I used to have over 200  but now limit myself to what I can realistically handle.
  2. I provide full access to the OPML file for all of my devices (MBP/iPhone).
  3. I scan the feeds, usually from my iPhone and “Save to Clippings” anything that looks interesting.
  4. On my MBP, I review the clippings and scan the item in the NNW Browser.
  5. If the item is of interest, I add it to my bookmarks DB where it is queued up for reading.
  6. When I have time (waiting at the DMV, trying to go to sleep, etc.), I pull up the page of bookmarks and read what I can. Once done, I mark it as read and it goes into my Recently Read Articles. This allows me to later reference an article I have read and also gives others an idea of what my interests are. (The image above is a tag cloud generated from my DB).

This only covers the blog/magazine articles that I read. I have other systems for my books, movies, and email queues.

You can subscribe to my Recently Read Articles Feed (added by popular request). If anyone is interested in my OPML file, let me know.

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